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You're sitting in an Irish pub with Catherine Keener, nursing your second Bloody Mary, when she leans over and asks you a question: "Do you want to walk me home? Outside, it's spring in New York, and you zigzag from one patch of shade to the next.

You immediately begin discussing a number of important things.

She wants to go inside, just to show you how beautiful it is.

As you're about to clear security, she starts digging in her purse for her driver's license, which she can't find.

She's always laughing—that hearty, deep Catherine Keener laugh—and you wonder how it's possible that nobody seems to recognize her. She loves the result: the only person in this picture is you. That's incredible, considering we live in the era of nonstop celebrity TMI (and TMZ).

You enter Madison Square Park, where the leaves are lavender- and cucumber-colored. Catherine Keener is one of the most prolific actresses in Hollywood; she's appeared in 14 films since 2005—among them —and she's got five more coming. "I feel like some things are my business," Keener says.

The way she melts into roles is less impressive because we have no real sense of how much she's stretching.

When you officially begin your interview, she speaks half her words to you in a whisper, so that your tape recorder can't pick them up. "I want to talk to you." She's like a nervous patient at the doctor's office who will throw any distraction she can to avoid getting a shot.

She reaches for a discarded and asks if you want to do the crossword puzzle. It takes longer than that, but by then, you've completely given up.

"She came in to audition for me; we were staying in this sleazy hotel," says the director, Tom Di Cillo. The performance didn't seem right: "I compared it to somebody hitting a golf ball in a small cinder-block room," Di Cillo says.

"It was, shall we say, kind of all over the place, but always with trajectory." He gave the part to someone else.

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