Who is james bourne dating

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Bourne's flashbacks of Neski's assassination at the Brecker Hotel return, but Nicky knows nothing about it.

Upon hearing their conversation over Nicky's transmitter, Landy begins to believe that Bourne is being framed.

They decide to send a team to Daniels's office in Madrid, but Bourne arrives first, attacking the CIA team while they secure the office.

But the partnership may never have happened had it not been for the chance meeting on the tennis court.

Bourne follows Alexander Conklin to a safehouse, with Parsons and Conklin in it.

When Bourne meets Conklin, he begins to remember his last mission.

Nicky tells him that Daniels fled to Tangier and helps him to escape the CIA reinforcements by telling Vosen that Bourne had already left the office.

Bourne calls the police to report the sound of gunfire; they arrive just as the second CIA team piles out of their vehicles, guns drawn, in front of the office.

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