Who was jennifer hudson dating before david otunga dating someone in law school

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dancing to Michael Jackson – and it’s a must-watch.

The 35-year-old singer shared the video on her Instagram, featuring David showing off his best MJ moves while jamming out to the late entertainer’s “Smooth Criminal” in front of a mirror. He always say ‘ I need my good socks, it helps me dance better ‘ he is in here giving it to me ,he said mommy u ready ….” Watch below to brighten up your holidays!

When do you have the conversation with yourself saying “I love myself enough to share that love with another human being for the rest of their and my existence?The interview follows: “You’ve been wearing that ring and engaged for six years …so when are you and big David going to be getting married?Radar can exclusively reveal that the wedding has been canceled at least once.“They were originally planning to tie the knot in October 2010, but it was called off,” an insider close to the couple tells Radar.

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