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Zaid had resisted the temptations of white women for twenty five years, the sight of english female bottoms dressed in tight, clinging leggings, the sight of white English breasts, barely covered by revealing blouses, the sight of pink nipples, clearly visible through skimpy bras and thin, tightly fitted tops and skirts so short Zaid could clearly see the slutty thongs which apparently served as underwear for any age of white female. He had to ram his Somali cock up an obedient tight white ass, he had to hold a white girl's (hopefully blond) head as he shot his Somali sperm down her throat and he just HAD to ram his thick black cock in a sweet, young English cunt and fill it with Somali baby juice.

His cock grew hard and long, he pulled it out of his trousers.She disapproved of the English girls and women who visited their shops wearing revealing clothes and forbade her sons to yield to temptation and seek enjoyment with white girls.Zaid and Jamilia's daughters did not act or dress like the white girls who displayed their breasts, legs and bottoms in revealing clothing, tempting Muslim men.Somali girls had respect for themselves and dressed accordingly as befit their customs and their religion.Zaid was happy that his daughters behaved themselves in this way; it proved that he and his wife had been good parents.

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