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The primary purpose of these 'feeder' sites is to get you to visit the suspicious site.

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These are the women, she says, who are choosing to opt out—and doing so long before they’re even forced to make the choice between career and family.Moreover, nearly 40 per cent of Canadian public companies had no women on their boards, according to the women-in-business organization Catalyst.Even with government-subsidized daycare, Quebec fares no better.But the criticism ignores the ways in which women like Sandberg and Mayer are rewriting the rules on what it means to be a working mother, both by leading by example and because going public with their stories raises the uncomfortable subject of the ways in which women are responsible for their own career successes—and failures.Sandberg’s advice, while written for a general audience, isn’t aimed at the single moms struggling at minimum-wage jobs.

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