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Now I’ll take each of these areas that I’ve identified and I’ll incorporate them into the beginning of my profile by writing out a rough draft. My name is Brad and I’m a software developer in the Pittsburgh area.

I work on an application that uses statistics to catch people stealing supplies so it’s a very interesting job.

This can lead to some of us relying on dating profile examples as the basis for our profile…which doesn’t always work that well.

I believe that writing a profile from the heart is the best option as it will better show who you are.

Right now we’re just getting rid of some of the noise that could potentially clutter your profile (remember: brevity! From my list above, what I would end up having would look like the following: I’ve eliminated video games and computers because they’re both a part of my life but by no means do I need them to be a part of the life of the person I meet.

Additionally, neither of these areas is likely to help me have a connection with the women reading my profile.

Hopefully this will serve as a good alternative to using other online dating profile examples as the source for your own profile.

Before I begin, I was to recap very briefly the rules I lay out in my online dating guide for creating your profile.

Writing your online dating profile can be a tricky thing.The first step is to sit down somewhere quiet and write the ideas I’ll be presenting here down on paper.Trying to create your first dating profile or even trying to get it just right can be an intimidating process.In this example, I’ve made an effort to expand on each of the important areas I identified in Step 3.Also, you’ll notice I don’t come out and say “I’m a homebody”.

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